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Frecuently Asked Questions

Q: Do you accept Custom Orders?
A: Sure, we are focused on that kind of building, actually.

Q: May I choose every guitar part?
A: Of course. We can help and recommend some of our suppliers, but you will choose everything. From the woods, hardware, electronics, pickups, shape, design, etc… to the finish.

Q: Are there any limits on customization?
A: No limits. Money use to be the restriction factor, mostly.

Q: How long building a guitar takes?
A: Depends on your specs. But at this time it takes 8 months, more or less.

Q: Is there a base price?
A: For Boutique Guitars, We customize everything, even your own design, so We’ve noticed that a handcrafted custom guitar can’t go below 2000€ (+VAT when applicable). We would be very pleased to estimate a price for you, just write us telling what is your idea.

Q: What happen if I want my own design?
A: There’s no problem at all. We can build anything, always respecting the copyright laws and other partner’s design rights. We can even design for your if needed.

Q: Do you guys make replicas?
A: We always recommend to be respectul with others work, so we don’t build exact COPIES. We only make replicas when a small design variant or a strong improvement is involved in the project.

Q: Then, may I choose a previous Bacce guitar design?
A: Yes, you can ask us for pricing and building an existing Bacce design, or using it as a base for a new design. We can even design for your if needed.

Q: Who is eligible to be a Bacce endorsee?
A: Anyone.

Q: What can Bacce offer?
A: At this moment we can offer custom guitars & basses with a substantial discount up to –30%, and a two-years endorsement compromise. Sometimes we are able to promote musicians with a higher discount (-50% max) agreement. It’s unusual, but sometimes happens.

Q: What does ‘Custom Made’ means to Bacce?
A: If your endorsement request is accepted we will build a guitar/bass under your requirements. Please note that high quality specifications involve a higher price.

Q: How much would be my custom guitar/bass with an endorsement agreement?
A: All our instruments are fully handcrafted one-by-one, so once you’re interested in becoming to be our endorsee we make a budget on your specifications and a –30% discount is applied to calculate your price.

Q: How long doest it takes to build an instrument?
A: Depends on your specs. Usually takes 6-8 months more or less.

Q: How would I pay my instrument?
A: We need a minimum 40% deposit to start crafting. Pending amount must be paid when your instrument is fninished.

Q: What kind of information does Bacce need to consider my request?
A: Be different, shock us, tell us your stregths and ideas to cooperate with us. May be we will make a custom instrument for you so What can you do for us?
Also, We would thank you all the info you may think that could be interesting: like your video channel, bandcamp, reverbnation, website, mp3 tracks, past-present-future projects, strengths and weakness…

If you are interested in being endorsed with us, please send us a message. We will be back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you!

Q: What do you have in stock?
A: Check out our Shop. Clic on each image to see more, specs & prices.

Q: How can I buy any of your stock instruments?
A: You can purchase directly in our website, by clicking the “BUY NOW” button. Take note that a Fixed Rate Shipping Costs will be applied if you buy an instrument through our website.

Q: Why Stock & Custom made order prices are different?
A: We use to build stock for Exhibitions and Fairs all around the world, so these instruments usually have something specially made for the show. They use to have great Discount Offers from time to time, so visit us frequently to check them. Anyway, prices are relatively similar between stock and custom built.

Q: Do you have any Distributors?
A: If you are a Shop, Dealer or Distributor, and you’re interested in working with us, please feel free to contact us and we will be glad to answer you with our Taxes and Discounts. In case you are a customer interested in buying through your favourite Shop, please contact them and let them know about our website. We will be happy to work with anybody.

Q: What do you mean by “Handmade”?
A: There is some controversy over the use of the term “handmade”. As a rule, a handmade instrument is made one-by-one, finished with your hands and highly customized (not mass production). In our case, a great weight within the identity of Bacce Custom Guitars & Basses is the fully handcrafted instruments production concept. Since its inception, our workshop has opted for quality in production, always custom-made and through artisan methods. At this moment, We do NOT use CNC machines, although we do have suppliers who can do these kind of jobs, if necessary.

Q: Anyway, I want to order an instrument to be made by using a CNC machine. 
A: There’s no problem. We have suppliers to make that jobs.

Q: What kind of machinery do you use?
A: We mostly use electric tools, like a Hand Milling Machine, Hand Jig Saw, Hand Sanders, and of course traditional tools like Chisels, Gouges, Carpenter Planners, Carving Knives, etc.

In 2016 we received the Charter of Artisan Bussiness in Madrid for the Workshop and
the Charter of Artisan for our Luthier Daniel Cabezas (stringed instruments).
This means a great acknowledgement for our passion, and of course, for our customers when buying one of our fully handmade guitars.

 was Finalist in Premios Artesanía de la Comunidad de Madrid 2nd Edition 2016.
Bacce® was Awarded with First Prize in “Arganda Emprende”, Entrepreneurs Contest, Arganda del Rey, Madrid 2017.
Bacce® was Finalist in Premios Ibéricos de Artesanía Creativa, “Junta de Extremadura” 2018.

Q: What are the Shipping ways?
A: We can adapt the shipping to your needs, but we love to ship our guitars with a 24/48h Insured and Signed Courier.

Q: How much could be shipping a guitar? 
A: We use to apply a fixed rate depending on your Country/State. Overseas to USA and non-European Countries are usually 120€ or more using a 24/48h delivery service.
Take note that purchasing through our website ( we apply a calculated flat rate depending on your country from 80€ to 200€. Contact us for a personal custom price.

Q: Do I have to pay Taxes in addition to the purchasing price? 
A: Depends on your Country:

a) For European Union customers we have to add Spanish VAT (21%) when you pay your guitar.
b) For Non-European Union customers we do NOT add any VAT, but you will have to pay Import Taxes in your Customs Clearance Process. Feel free to ask us, or call your Customs Customer’s Service for further information.
c) For European Business we do NOT apply any VAT if you have your EU TAX Number.

Q: Do you need any ID for shipping?
A: Yes, we need any of these: your ID Card/Passport number/Driver License/Social Security for Signed & Secured shipping. Thit means that the Customs & the Courier will verify your identity before delivering. If you are a Business, we will need your Business ID TAX number for the Customs Clearance Process. We only use this information to Shipping and Customs Process and we do not store it without specific permission (we destroy it when delivered).

Q: What are the Packing ways? 
A: We always ship our instruments with a Hard Case, padded inside. Then, the case is wrapped with hard plastic film and padded again inside a hard paperboard case, labeled with our address, Courier Labels, Packing List with Lacey Act Plants declaration (when needed) and Invoice, Customs Clearance Papers, -Up & Down- and Fragile labels. Any visible/heavy damage in the paperboard MUST be reflected when you sign the receipt for future claims.

Q: What do you mean with Lifetime Warranty? 
A: We are so committed with our work, so we proudly offer a Lifetime Warranty on construction issues. This means that you can contact us if you have a structural problem with your guitar in a couple of years, or 10 years later. Just call us, and we will lead you step-by-step to know how to will fix the problem for free. If warranty applies and we can’t fix the problem, we build another one for you.

Q: How to know if Warranty applies? 
A: You will receive a Warranty papers with your Bacce Instrument. Do not hesitate to contact us if any doubt or question about.

Q: What happen with hardware and components warranty? 
A: Hardware, components and other parts have the standard warranty provided with supplier.

Q: What are the exclusions? 
A: Broadly, components or finishes, for example, lacquer scratches or knocks due to wear, or an improper use of the instrument, are not included in our Lifetime Warranty.

All cases will be studied calmly to determine the source of the problem, and if they are included in our warranty.
Once we have determined that our warranty is applicable, we are committed to offering the best possible solution, repairing the instrument or, if necessary, replacing it with a new one.

Q: What Payment methods do you accept?
A: Our “BUY NOW” buttons will redirect you to our PayPal and Credit Card website. We also accept Bank Wire Transfer.

Q: Would you trade a guitar for services or goods?
A: We NEVER trade our guitars for services. In case of goods, depends on our needs and We can not guarantee that this type of transaction can be carried out.

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