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The luthier Daniel Cabezas is the man behild Bacce®, who builds custom instruments in Madrid (Spain).

The philosophy of Bacce® Custom Guitars is to build exceptional musical instruments, taking in account the expectations and desires of our customers; being faithful to the ideals of a 100% handmade production that reflects the enthusiasm and dedication that they put into each work. The most high quality wood selection and hardware, in addition to an exclusive dedication to the customer, make the base for this growing brand.

We Make

It Possible

The attention to each detail, and of course, the final success with the instruments are the keys to make the musicial feel comfortable and cared within all the process. From this fundament borns this brand in the custom built guitars & basses world: All about consumer tastes.

Building versatile instruments has a primordial nature when you think about Bacce®. In addition to build one-by-one instruments and 100% handcrafted, as unique models, Bacce offers the capability of creating your own instrument, your shape, your specs and custom finishes.