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All our BACCE Guitars are fully handmade, and have a Construction Lifetime Warranty.

Other components not manufactured by the brand, will apply the guarantee by the third-party manufacturer, in each case, under current legislation.
We put special effort to ensure that our products are backed by renowned manufacturers and a high level of quality.


This warranty will not apply if the instrument is abnormally used:
distinct purpose from nature and destination of the goods, or it is treated incorrectly or destructively.
Any effects of a normal wear (lacquer scratches, knocks, electronic wiring, springs, screws, frets wear, etc…) will not be covered with this Warranty.


  • This return/refund warranty is applicable only to instruments sold in our Stock Section.
  • Due to the customer’s high level of customization and control during the building process of a Custom Made Instrument, this Return/Refund warranty is not applicable to this kind of orders.
  • If you are not satisfied with your purchased product, you have a period of 15 days, counting from the date of delivery of the product to return.
    Please note that all the shipping costs and derivatives will be assumed by the customer.
  • Before returning the instrument, the customer must contact with BACCE’s Customer Service Department -within the period specified- by e-mail: then you will be informed of the steps to be followed for returning process. Any return without prior notification will not be accepted.
  • It is essential that both the product and its packaging will be in perfect conditions with no scratches or cracks (outside or inside), nor deteriorated. Must include all documentation accompanying the product (invoice, guarantees) and their accessories.
  • The customer must prepare a correct packaging to ensure damage-free transport; BACCE is not responsible for any risk of damage, loss, damage or any other circumstance of a similar nature suffered by the instrument using this service.

Once the item is received and checked by our staff, providing that the product is in the same condition that it was sent, we will check the breakdown and send a repairing proposal, highlighting situations to assess:

1) Construction defects are covered by BACCE Lifetime Warranty. Please, take note of excluded items/situations named in Exclusions paragraph. In this case, the reparation will not have additional costs.

2) Third-party warranties will be applied when BACCE non-self components will be affected. We will proceed to claim the guarantee given by the manufacturer, within the legal period established by the applicable law.

3) If the component warranty is not applicable, because it was claimed outside the warranty time -for example-, BACCE will offer the customer to repair the instrument, being at its option to accept or reject, that shall be noticed by writing to the brand.

BACCE is committed to keep customer informed about each process is being performed with the respect to the property purchased.
If it would be impossible to repair, technically evaluated by the manufacturer, we shall inform the customer giving him the following options:

1) The construction of a new instrument with the same features and elements, using same hardware and components in good conditions of the original instrument.

2) Refund the amount paid by the customer through the same payment way.