A great weight within the identity of Bacce Custom Guitars & Basses is the
fully handcrafted instruments production concept.
Since its inception, our workshop has opted for quality in production,
always custom-made and through artisan methods.

More than a challenge, it is an added value to the final product,
knowing that during all phases of the process your instrument has been handled
with care and love by our artisan luthier.

As a part of our workshop business
we offer painting & customization services.
Wood working, repainting, electronics, artworks…

Feel free to contact us and send your ideas!

Do you have a broken headstock?
Does your Guitar need a manteinance and adjustment?

We can repair and mantain any stringed instrument,
guitars, basses, classic guitars, violins, cellos…

Ask us!

We proudly offer continued and tutored
Guitar or Bass Building Training Courses
in extensive or intensive format.

Access to the Training Section for further information!